Many doctors want to train in critical care medicine but face practical difficulties such as:
(a) Inability to shift to major city for 1-2 years due to family or job.
(b) Inability to face financial burden of travel and staying in another city for extended periods.
(c) Long waiting period of getting into a good training centre.

Senior doctors in particular, who have maximum role in the decision making in their critically ill patients, cannot afford a break in their busy schedule for fear of losing an established practice. Even those who do manage to attend crash courses of few days duration (while having acquired new and vital knowledge) loose out on its full benefit due to lack of continuing practice and re-enforcement.

To help overcome these difficulties, Accrete Critical Care International LLP along with Critical Care Education Foundation, has setup, the biggest online self-assessment and e-learning portal in Asia, dedicated to the field of Critical Care Medicine.

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  CRASH Course & Mock Exam 2015: Part 1 candidates Seminar Details  
Date : 09-01-2015  to  11-01-2015 Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue : Chirayu Medical College, Bhopal
  Chirayu Medical College & Hospital, Bhaisakhedi, Bhopal
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  Theory Paper UPLOADED (Part 2, 2014)

The theory paper (paper 1 and 2) for year 2014 are uploaded in the download section for candidates and teachers to see the type of qquestions as...

  Exam Dates Part 1 (2015)

The Dates for theory Exam is 8th January 2015.  This will be held in Chirayu Hospital and Medical College, Bhopal.

NOTE: Only candidates who...

Excellent presentations and highly interactive
- Dr Nalin T Shah, Ahmedabad
Very, very practical lectures.
- Dr Shashank Dixit
Good and practical!!
- Dr R. P. Singh, Lucknow
It was a real life opportunity we got to meet you and listen to you for full 3 days of critical care concepts . Me being in teaching line felt we ought to be so passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge . You both took classes in such a way i felt its like sharing every practicle hint to improve the patient care . Our medical colleges should include your sessions for the teachers there a way ..?? Yesterdays evening , of magic tricks , singing , the easy ways you both mixed with all of us , made us unwind and develop a bond you said critical bonding was too good . Dear sir and meeta , we feel its our privilege that we were with you for this workshop and i thank dr sudhesh for organising it in mangalore
- Dr Gayatri Bhat