Excellent presentations and highly interactive
- Dr Nalin T Shah, Ahmedabad
Lectures are very practical and have revolutionalized our concepts.
- Dr. Nikhil Gupta, Lucknow
Thank God you came to Lucknow!!! Would love to attend more such workshops by you. Also, how can I discuss my difficult cases with you in future?
- Dr Deep Chandh, KGMC, Lucknow
Excellent!! Highly informative. An eye opener.
- Dr Manu Pathak, Lucknow
Want to attend these workshops in future also, without fail.
- Dr Avinash Agrawal, Lucknow
Very good and informative! Helps a lot in patient management.
- Dr Ranjit Sousa, Bandra, Mumbai
Good and unique experience. Look forward to more sessions.
- Dr Sameep Karkhanis, Thane, Maharashtra
Nice interactive sessions. Good basic lectures.
- Dr Avinash Tribhuwan, Mumbai
there should be a list of hospitals where CCCM courses are available, this will more and more students to get involved in critical care.
- Ankur Gupta
Very, very practical lectures.
- Dr Shashank Dixit
This site is excellent. AJ
- Ankit Jain
An eye opener !!!!! Definitely will change my approach towards critical care patients.
- Dr Mamta Harjai, Lucknow
Sir, we will come for all your lectures. Please call us!!
- Dr Mihir Vora, Mumbai
It was a real life opportunity we got to meet you and listen to you for full 3 days of critical care concepts . Me being in teaching line felt we ought to be so passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge . You both took classes in such a way i felt its like sharing every practicle hint to improve the patient care . Our medical colleges should include your sessions for the teachers .....is there a way ..?? Yesterdays evening , of magic tricks , singing , the easy ways you both mixed with all of us , made us unwind and develop a bond ...as you said critical bonding was too good . Dear sir and meeta , we feel its our privilege that we were with you for this workshop and i thank dr sudhesh for organising it in mangalore
- Dr Gayatri Bhat
In one line - "A new era in Indian Critical care has started!"
- Ankur Gupta
Good and practical!!
- Dr R. P. Singh, Lucknow
A very nice user-friendly web interface.
Very good presentations. Simplified and easily grasped.
- Dr Manu Seth, Lucknow
Definitely loved the presentations. Earlier, I thought I knew something  Now I can say I know something more! Wish to improve that with your guidance.
- Dr Amit Goel, Lucknow
Extremely lucid presentation. Thanks for all your efforts for us.
- Dr Keki Modi, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai
Thank you for organizing such a nice program.
- Dr Dinesh S. Roy, Ahmedabad
It was really exciting to listen fluid management lecture on this site, truely cherished the workshop memories.
- Ankur Gupta
A unique experience. Opened new doors in our outlook towards ICU patients.
- Dr Prajahta Tungare, Mumbai
This Is a stunning site.Knowledge that you can gain from here from the comfort of your home is priceless. Explanations and discussions with self assessment and other multiple features like viva, lectures makes it one of a kind. This will help medical professionals from any rank.
- Dr Poonam Vira