Self Assessment Module

This section is meant to assess your knowledge / understanding of day to day investigations done routinely in the care of any critically ill patient. It allows for practice sessions as well as timed mock examination. To obtain maximum benefit from these self assessment modules, it is strongly recommended that you listen to the lectures in the relevant sections.

1. Question based on various commonly performed investigations in daily practice.
You will be able to take advantage of actual cases managed in various ICUs. Random questions/datasets are selected from a very large database so that repetitions are minimal and you can take these tests over and over again. Modules include:
    ABGs          Biochemistry          Hematology          CT/MRI          ECG          Viva          Clinical Skills          Equipments          Xrays
2. Customise your tests
You may choose the number of questions you wish to attempt in any session from each of the categories based on the time available and your personal choice. These preferences can be changed at any time by you.
3. Compare your Answers to Model Answers
Once you submit your answer, the correct answers are displayed along-side your answer. This allows you to compare your answer with the answer by an expert panel. Also, you can grade your answer based on model answer.

Grade Yourself
Grading your answer with that of the expert panel allows the system to track your learning progress. It is important to realize that since no one else can see your performance, you should be as fair as possible in your assessment of the correctness of your answer.
(a) I am totally Wrong (-2 points)
(b) I am Mostly Wrong (0 points)
(c) I am Partly Correct (0 points)
(d) I am Mostly Correct (3 points)
(e) I am Completely Correct (5 points)

5. Timed Mock Tests.
A mock test is aimed to simulate the exam environment where 4 questions from each section are presented based on random selection from the very large database. Ten minutes are given per section. Total of 8 sections. Total time is 80 Minutes. Answers are displayed only after completion of the full mock exam or after time has elapsed.
6. Measure your Progress
Your performance at each aspect of the self assessment module is tracked by the system in detail so that you may determine areas where more practice is needed. Facility to download your performance progress is available in various formats (pdf, excel etc).
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   Online "Mastering" Certification

With the time constraints of practice and the costs of travel, this online certification examination is a unique opportunity to acquire a certification in specific areas of critical care from the comfort of your residence or office. This certificate is endorsed by the College of Critical Care Medicine (under Critical Care Education Foundation). The evaluation is done offline by a panel of experts. It is strongly recommended that candidates listen to the available online lectures to improve their understanding before attempting the examination.

1. You will be asked to attempt 20 Questions from the subject of your choice.
2. Your answers will be checked by Qualified Experts in that Field.
your answers are manually checked by experts in critical care and results submitted online.
3. On passing the test you will get an Online Certification.
To pass the test/examination, a candidate must secure 50% marks. Successful candidates will be intimated by email and will be able to print their certificate online. A candidate may retake examination if desired to improve their performance. Failed candidates will benefit from listening to the lectures available online.
4. Verification of Authenticity of certificates issued by the College of Critical Care Medicine.
A database is maintained of all certificates issued by the College of Critical Care Medicine. The popularity and value of certification by the College of Critical Care Medicine has prompted some doctors to submitted forged certificates to their hospitals. The online verification of authenticity of certificates issued by the College reflects the efforts to curb such malpractice and enhance value of original certificates.
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