About ACCI

Many doctors want to train in critical care medicine but face practical difficulties such as:
(a) Inability to shift to major city for 1-2 years due to family or job.
(b) Inability to face financial burden of travel and staying in another city for extended periods.
(c) Long waiting period of getting into a good training centre.

Senior doctors in particular, who have maximum role in the decision making in their critically ill patients, cannot afford a break in their busy schedule for fear of losing an established practice. Even those who do manage to attend crash courses of few days duration (while having acquired new and vital knowledge) loose out on its full benefit due to lack of continuing practice and re-enforcement.

To help overcome these difficulties, Accrete Critical Care International LLP along with Critical Care Education Foundation, has setup www.ICUeducation.com, the biggest online self-assessment and e-learning portal in Asia, dedicated to the field of Critical Care Medicine. This portal will help young in-training doctors (medical under-graduates and post-graduates, resident doctors/ house-officers working in the hospitals) as well as specialists who get involved with the care of seriously ill/ critical patients such as general physicians, anesthetists, chest physicians (pulmonologists), surgeons, nephrologists etc. Most importantly this site is invaluable to doctors taking any critical care examination in any part of the world.

The portal consists of multimedia lectures that are easy to understand and can be heard over and over again to grasp the content better. Then there is a large section on self assessment in areas that are relevant to the care of any patient but more so the critically ill patient. These include:

Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases (ABG).
Interpretation of commonly performed biochemistry test (blood, CSF, urine, fluids).
Interpretation of Hematology and coagulation reports.
Xray interpretation.
CT scan/ MRI interpretation.
ECG interpretation.
Understanding equipments used in the ICU.
Exercises to improve clinical skills (power of observation and deductive reasoning).
Clinical cases seen in the ICU (submitted by doctors preparing for critical care examinations).

A demo registration is available for any doctor interested but is limited access to a few cases and data. Full paid subscription gives access to a wide database of self assessment questions in the above areas. Infact, a subscriber can choose how many question they want to attempt in that session from each area.

Accrete Critical Care International LLP is a company setup by leading Critical Care Physicians with more than 25 years of experience in setting up and day-to-day management of high quality Intensive Care Units. They are popular teachers in critical care and are widely consulted on difficult serious cases and where second opinion is required.

Accrete Critical Care International LLP is committed to actively providing opportunities to young as well as senior doctors / nurses wishing to build a strong foundation in critical care medicine. Programs organized by them are extremely popular as can be seen by the waiting list of 2 years for some of the programs.